Table 6

10. Insert the prepositions from the box in the blanks. You may use them

more than once

out in on for from over to about with after into at

1). I have always been interested -------- arts, history, archeology.

2) It integrates the knowledge accumulated ------- the course -------


3) Decorative applied arts give us a deeper insight ------ the nature -----


4) Culturology analyses the features common ----- the world


5) They usually ask me what I will do ----- graduating -----

university .

6) Culturology brings the knowledge -----the world’s cultures ------

a more sophisticated system.

7) Making something ------ my hands was a favourite activity -----

mine ----the childhood.

8) Cultural identities and autonomies should be accompanied -----

universal values -----humanism.

9) The culturologist works -----the strategies aimed ----- making

the world safe and humane.

10).Since we are qualified -----art culture the curriculum includes

classes ----- decorative applied arts.

11. Do you ever make mistakes in the usage of the words ‘ historic ‘ and